new puffle hats ????

today i was on an other website and i found this .. (PS: this is the link )


   see ya ;)

how to access the great puffle circus as a NON MEMBER

Have you ever wanted to access the Great Puffle Circus, but you didn’t have membership? Well, I know a why how you can! Just follow the steps below:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in to your Non Member account
  3. Choose any server
  4. You will be in the Great Puffle Circus!
cool ??
cool ??

mailbox glitch

today i discovered that if you open your mailbox your see that in  the bottom  corner it says recyclen ( it sposed to be recycle) 

         here is the picture  



club penguin playercard glitch

 today i find a penguin that i wanted to be my body .. but when i clicked on him his playercard .... still loading  and loading and loading  for EVER